Tuesday, February 08, 2005


The title of this post refers to:

a) The name George Constanza wanted to give his child;

b) The number of U.S. Senators elected to the Presidency while serving in the Senate;

c) The number of blogs that have linked to this humble blog;

d) The number of NHL teams that don't make the playoffs on any given non-strike year

Did you choose this blog's self-serving answer "C"? Then you were correct.

Blogging for two months and the number of my linked bloggers has increased to 6:

That Colored Fella
Suburban Guerilla
Seeing The Forest
Blonde Sense
Alt Hippo
The Rogue Progressive

If you've linked to me and I've neglected your inclusion in this list, please let me know. To those who have, thank you very much.

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