Monday, January 24, 2005

Thomas's Foot Still in His Mouth

Here is Ways and Means Chairman, William Thomas (R-CA), trying to amend last week's statement about Bush's Social Security plan being a "dead horse":

I didn't say it was dead on arrival," he said. "What I said was, I hope we didn't have our friends on the other side of the aisle attacking the president's proposal once it's introduced. Because, once it's introduced, it becomes part of the legislative process. Suggest changes or suggest substitutions, but don't continue the arguments against the president's plan, because it's now part of the legislative process. That would be beating a dead horse."

What? Once the President's plan has been introduced you can only suggest changes, you can't "attack it" or oppose the whole thing? Students of Congress must be racking their brains trying to figure this enunciation of legislative procedure out.

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halfwhiteb said...

Bullworth, I think looking at this page you mean well; howver I also think you're trying to prove something and a lot of what you believe in seems a little loud and wrong. I'm a card carrying democrat and NAACP memeber. I'm also a light mulatto who's also 1/4 CHerokee as well as 1/4 Afro Caribbean. However, do not assume I or any other true "opressed" minortiy necessarily agrees with all or even any of the opinions expressed in these pages. I don't blame straight white males for all or even most of my personal or even all the social problems of the USA; frankly all of the straight males I interact with are Black or Latino and most of the people I interact with in general are Black or Latino. I don't know enough white males, let alone heterosexual ones, to blame them for all my problems. Nor do I feel anything but resentment for all these countercultures that bummed off the mainstream civil rights movement starting in the late 1960's and both selling it out AND yes, one of the problems from this was their drugs and "free love" and victimhood cult mentality trickled down to the Black community if not the only one in creating a Black "underclass" basically starting about the time of the end of the VIetnam war. ALso, I frnakly am getting a bit annoyed at all this blaming and feelings of entitlement people in the Homosexual and women's lib movement expecially and all of the other movements in general at times! True empowerment never will happen for anyone-Black, white, male, female,you name it-until the buck stops here and we all take responsibility for our what's our own at all times. Nor am I that happy over the idea of homosexuals marrying in church ceremonies and having it legalized when my arm is twisted (as most people aren't) and I'm angry that our last election was wasted on that issue. Nor do I feel sorry for the PLO-how many times have Native Americans or Black Americans chosen to blow themselves up on CIVILIANS with thier faces covered like KKK members over any number of greivances that are 10 times worse than anything Israelis ever did to the Arab world? Don't you dare compare Palestine to the Native Americans! We do not usually have our orignal last names, nor our original language, we usually practice denominations of CHirstianity now-and we never once in American history blew ourselves up with civilian populations. And do not compare homeosexuals with Black people or interracial couples. Two white homeoseuals driving down route 95 from NYC to DC wouldn't get any problem on the road whatsoever, however a white or even white looking woman on the passenger's side of a black male in a car, especially a nice one? That's a VERY different scenario. THat's just one example. ANd though the pope can at times be a bit Pompous and self-righteous, and yes, historically Catholicsm has quite a bit of historical filth; it doesn't have any more than any other form of CHristianity, nor Islam, nor Judaism, nor any religious denomination at the end of the day and at least it's aknowedged all that's happend historically and atoned-how many Arabs can admit their culture sold Black Americans into slavery ALL THE TIME? Not to mention that in the SUdan there is still legalized Arab-on-Black slavery and unoffical situations like this in almost all the Arabic countries. At least Caholicism has cleaned up thier acts of the past more than other religious denominations. At there is no seprate Black or WHite Catholic church-I cannot say this honestly of any Protestant parishes.PLEASE think a little bit about what you claim to believe unconditionally and post on this website before you actually have decided to support some of htese view unconditionally. QUestion ALL authority-ESPECIALLY the authority of the counterculture! And please do not believe all or even most people of color will agree with all or even any of these often extreme, strident, loud, and wrong views of the political correctness fraudulence of the late 1980's up. THis political correctness hasn't at all improved race relations, nor was designed to. Nor is anyone more sensitive in ANY way-indeed our society is now so sensitive that far left liberals feel they have a right to scream at people who don't agree with every and all of thier veiws when they are truthful. THanks