Monday, January 10, 2005

Conservative Traditional Values

Whiskey Bar is back with a great summary of U.S. complicity with the "death squads" in El Salvador during the Reagan Administration.

Thanks to The Poor Man for the link.

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kim said...

I'm glad to see billmon's post. Between you and me, I wish he'd stuck around during the election. Perhaps to keep up troop morale, when it was needed most.

At any rate, he's no fair-weather blogger, so more power to him.

And, yeah, the 1980's was not exactly a model for good behavior. I happened to make friends with someone working on the Mondale media campaign in 1984, and they had the Niceragua-Sandanista story and were going to break it as part of the campaign, but feedback was that it sounded like a conspiracy theory. Too bad that it had to break after re-election.