Monday, December 06, 2004

Michael, We've Got Your Back

To: Peter Beinart, Al From, Bruce Reed, Will Marshall
Fr: Jay B. Bulworth
Re: Purging Michael Moore

Hey guys, do us all a favor, and shut the **** up.

When we want advice about how to screw up our party, lose elections, and sell our souls, we'll give you a call. Until then, Michael's welcome any day.

I know Michael Moore. Michael Moore's a friend of mine. Guys, none of you are worthy to carry Michael Moore's camera strap.

Let me ask you this, you holier than thou blowhards. Where were you when this Administration was lying its ******* *** off about Iraq, when the news media was mocking war protestors and slobbering all over itself to show us the shocking and aweful demonstrations of brutal, unprovoked aggression and arrogance, while it was ignoring the deaths of Iraqi civilians in its whoring chase for ratings? Where were you when the speedboat veterans for the ministry of truth and the other Cheney-Bush gang members were lying about John Kerry's war record all the while attempting to cover up the non-existent National Guard "service" of the "man of faith" from Crawford? Where were you when Republican convention goers were sporting "purple heart bandaids", thereby denigrating the service of not only John Kerry but all those who have sacrificed on behalf of their country, voluntarily or not? Where were you when Zell Miller stood on the convention platform and charged all those with the audacity to dissent from Our Leader's commands as traitors? Where were you when the Bush henchmen were fighting like hell to keep as many (minority) voters off the ballots, so this torture-loving, civil liberties violating regime could stay in power for at least four more years?

Gentlemen, I loathe you. You emit a foul and displeasing odor. You are all a big, giant piece of crap.

Oh, one other thing--go **** yourselves.

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